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About Ralum

Founded in 2008 by Raimar Geffken, a German entrepreneur and lighting professional, Ralum thrives to provide lighting solutions that support human well being and productivity. Every product and every design solution that has earned the merits of being branded Ralum has passed through stringent procedures to ensure compliance to our high quality and performance standards.

Ralum has successfully completed a large variety of projects in many different countries.  We have proven to  "make things happen" and we are well set to take on all challenges along the way of implementing a project - always ready to go that extra mile!

We work as a lean organisation with a highly qualified and motivated team along with a network of long-term professional partners for manufacturing, supplies, logistics, installations and other services.  Our core believe is in "bringing good lighting to the people".   Long-term business relations and being of value to our customers and stakeholders alike are more important to us then quick gains. We believe in growth through creativity, not competition.