Ralum Because Lighting Matters

Professional Lighting Solutions. Since 2008

Light is essential towards the perception of space.

Beyond enabling vision, light is also the key trigger for the daily synchronization of the human biological clock.

Light plays a vital role in human health, well-being and productivity.

Lighting, therefore, must take a central place in the design of our spaces of work and living.

Our Services:

I. Professional Lighting Solutions (from concept to implementation)

Lighting concept development and implementation for a broad range of applications. With our in-house resources and partner network we take on the most challenging projects.  We provide consultancy on human-centric lighting to corporations and private clients that aim to harvest the tremendous health and productivity benefits of a proper "light diet".

II. Lighting Fixtures

Our portfolio of luminaires is tailored to match a broad range of applications.  All our products have one thing in common - uncompromised standards in quality and performance in line with our heritage values of German Engineering.

III. Engineering and Lighting Fixture Development

We turn your design ideas into reality - we provide custom luminaires for dedicated projects. Whether it is large decorative luminaires or special adaptations to standard luminaires. 

IV. Research